Forward Progress

Providence Academy QB Magnus Hansen takes a big step forward in junior campaign

The Providence Academy Lions are just 2-5 heading into the final week of the regular season, but it isn’t due to lack of production at the quarterback position. In fact, the Lions have played a difficult schedule with four of their losses coming to teams that have a combined 25-3 record on the 2023 season.

While they haven’t been able to add much in the win column, the future looks bright for Providence Academy with the emergence of junior quarterback Magnus Hansen. Hansen has thrown for 1,330 yards and 12 touchdowns to lead the Lion offense that has averaged 23 points a game.

He finally got the opportunity to start this season and made a big impact right away.

“In his first start, one of the first throws he made he hit the receiver down the middle on a seam route,” said Providence Head Coach Colin Rooney. “Magnus saw the small window and he put the ball in between the linebacker and the safety. It was a great throw that most high school quarterbacks wouldn’t make.”

Throws like that come with confidence and Hansen has shown he has the tools both physically and mentally to handle the duties that come with being a quarterback in a dynamic throw-heavy offense.

“Magnus is very confident,” said Rooney. “I don’t think he dwells on when he makes bad throws. He resets and moves on to the next play. And he isn’t afraid to make any throw.”

Rooney saw a bright future for Hansen when he was a freshman.

“His mechanics were advanced for his age,” he said. “He also had that confident swagger a QB needs. He works at his craft. He throws in the offseason, attends camps and never misses anything we have going on. I think he loves to play QB and loves all the things that go with playing the position.”

Rooney said Hansen has the physical attributes as well. 

“He has really smooth feet, which means he always seems to have his feet under him and he throws from a stable and balanced platform,” he said. “He has a really consistent release which makes him very accurate and he is very quick with this throws. The ball comes off his hand quickly.”

Of course, as with most successful quarterbacks, physical talent only gets them so far. They have to be able to understand the offense and the other team’s defense. While most football players have to learn their position, a quarterback has to have a good understanding of every position on the field, looking at not just what the other players on their offense is trying to accomplish, but also what the defense is trying to do.

“He has a great ability to process what he sees on the field,” said Rooney. “He knows what he is looking at and he knows where his No. 2 and No. 3 receivers are which is a really hard skill set to get most high school quarterbacks to develop.”

Competing in a strong Section 6AAA A may not translate into a deep playoff run this season, but the development of the team’s junior quarterback gives hope for the future for the Lions.

“Despite our record this year it has been really enjoyable to coach Magnus,” said Rooney. “With him at the controls I feel like we have a chance to score on anyone we play. That makes play calling fun. I am super excited to see what he is like next year as a senior with this whole season under his belt. The game is going to slow down even more for him and he is going to be a really good QB.”